Mashhad Sewage Collection Network:

Stages of studies: Design and supervision
Client: Mashhad Water & Wastewater Company

Sewage Collection Network:

Population: 1,463,500 (beginning) – 6,845,000 (end)
Population Density: 400 indl/ha
Per capita sewage production: 200 lit/day (end)
Network area: 33408 ha
Pipes diameter: 200-1200 mm
Pipes length: 7319 km
Type: PVC, GRP, concrete, ductile, reinforced concrete

Sewage Transfer Line:

Pipe diameter: 2000 mm, 90 x 135 mm, 60 x 90 mm
Pipe length: 22 & 10 km
Type: Concrete (oval shaped)
Transfer rate: 4 m3/sec (beginning) – 1.3 m3/sec (end)
Transfer means: Gravitation
Start year: 1989
Status of project: Under operation








Mashhad Sewage Collection Network

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