Mary City (Turkmenistan) Water Treatment Plant:

Stage of studies: Feasibility, design and supervision
Client: Ministry of water & land reclamation
Objective: Treated water supply for Mary city

  1. Treatment Plant:

Capacity: 110,000 m3/day
Water resource: Qaraqum canal
Treatment method: Pre-settlement, initial chlorination, coagulation, pulsator clarification & flocculation, clarication, secondary, chlorination

  1. Pump Station:

Transfer volume: 1340 lit/sec
Pumping head: 70 m
No. of pumps: 7 t2 units
Type of pumps: Centrifugal

  1. Water Transfer Line:

Diameter: 1000 mm
Length: 6 km
Material: Steel
Inner coating: Epoxy
Outer coating: Hot isolation
Water resource: Qaraqum canal
Start year: 1996
Operation start year: 1998






Mary Water Treatment Plant
Mary Water Treatment Plant
Mary Water Treatment Plant

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