Doosti Reservoir Dam:

This dam is located between Iran and Turkmenistan borders and is shared between both countries. This dam supplies both countries Sarakhs plain’s irrigation and Mashhad municipal water demands, as well as hydropower generation of 16 Mw.

Stage of studies: Design & supervision

  • Iran
  • Turkmenistan


  • Republic of Turkmenistan – Ministry of water and land reclamation
  • Islamic Republic of Iran – Khorasan regional water authority

Objective: Hydropower, irrigation & potable water supply
Status of project: under operation
Bottom outlet discharge volume: 106 m3/sec
Spillway: 8*15 m ogee gated shute
Turbine type: Farncise
No. of Turbines: 3 units for each
Start year: 2005
Nearest city: Sarakhs
Location: Iran/Turkmenistan – Sarakhs border
River: Harirood
Type pf dam: Earth fill with silty-clay core
Height: 78 m + ½ m concrete parapet
Reservoir capacity: 1250 MCM
Effective capacity: 820 MCM
Design flood: 2660 m3/sec
Length of crest: 655 m
Width of crest: 15 m


Conjunctive irrigation & surface drainage networks of Doosti dam’s down stream lands:

Stage of studies: feasibility, design and supervision
Client: Khorasan regional water authority
Location: Sarakhs region
Objective: irrigation, water table recharge
Water supply resource: surface 149 MCM/year, ground water 141 MCM/year.
Network gross area: 8400 ha. (development), 23500 ha. (improvement)
Crop pattern: wheat, barley, cotton, alfalfa, gvinea, corn, melon ground, gardens.
Irrigation efficiency: 51%
Total length of canal: primary = 107 km, secondary = 154 km
Total length of drains: primary = 100 km, secondary = 150 km
Status of project: under construction




Doosti Reservoir Dam
Doosti Dam to Mashad water transmission pipline
Doosti Dam to Mashad water transmission pipline

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