Tehran Water Network SCADA

Telemetry & Telecontrol of Tehran Drinking Water Network:

Stages of studies: Design & Supervision with the association of MWH-U.K. Co.
Objective: Optimum utilization of Tehran water supply installations
Locatoin: Iran-Tehran
Number of sites: 120 sites consisting reservoirs, pumping stations, treatment plants and dams
Future extension:

  • Controlling of 400 deep wells
  • Controlling of 4000 operational points in distribution network

Total number of inlet and outlet (I/O) signals: 11,600
Status of the project: Under construction
Distance of furthest well to control center: 30 km
Number of pumping stations: 38
Number of reservoirs: 32 + reservoirs of Lar & Latyan dams
Number of treatment plants: 8
Number of dams: 5
Control unit: PLC
Communication system: satellite
Measured parameters: Level of water in reservoirs, inlet and outlet water flow, pressure of important points, residual chlorine and characteristics of electro pumps


















Tehran Water Network SCADA

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