Mashhad Pipeline:

Feasibility study of steel water transmission consisting of 167 km of pipeline of 2000 mm diameter, pumping stations and water treatment plant to provide water from Doosti dam to Mashhad.

Power consumption: 67 MEGAWATT
Water resource: Settlement pool of Doosti dam
Pipe diameter: 2000 mm
Pipe length: 167 km
Flow: 6 m3/sec
Type of pipe: steel with ST-37, ST-44 and ST-52 grades
Max pressure of pipe line: 25 bars
Water treatment location: 135 km from beginning, 32 km from Mashhad water treatment plant
Process: Superpulsator
Number of pump stations: 5
Pumping capacity: 2 x 1000 m3 & 3 x 15000 m3 & 1 x 20000 m3 & 1 x 40000 m3
Control system: distributed control system with use of pic (programmable logic controller)
Communication system: Radio system






Mashhad Pipeline

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